Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Me to You, PC

You and your world of possibility
taking up space everywhere in my home.
I come to you with no hostility,
you cause my imagination to roam.

You can teach me things or keep me in touch
but time does fly when we are having fun.
Sometimes I use you as a little crutch
but you help me when all is said and done.

Through your connections I can gain knowledge
of just about all I can imagine.
There are times though when you put me on edge
so I say goodbye when I determine.

You assist me with creativity
and provide me with outlets to share.
You allow me the anonymity
for those times when there are secrets to bear.

I spend hours surfing in your vast world
it allows me to feel open and free.
You help me get so many thoughts unfurled
I just love spending time with you PC.

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