Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eye of the Storm

Here I sit on the edge of this cliff
Above me a storm begins to rage
The air around me begins to feel stiff
I feel like I'm on the storm's center stage

This cliff has room for only one
There isn't a way to get down
I would if I could, turn and run
But instead I may jump and drown

The eye of the storm has me in it's sight
I'm in the open and I can not hide
My best option is to try and fight
Allow my rage and the storm's to collide

I have to dig down deep into my soul
To gather all the pain and despair
Hitting the storm in it's eye is the goal
As it stares me down with it's vengeful glare

The storm is brewing up quite the turmoil
I consider again that I could jump
The electric air makes my blood boil
I decide to use the storm as my dump

I reach down inside to gather the pain
And I let it all out with a great roar
With all this it is the storm that is slain
And behind me the cliff shows me the door

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