Monday, July 21, 2008

Docs & Beetles...

Today I paid a visit to one of my least favorite places in the world… the Dr.'s office. Now granted, it was only the eye Dr. but it's a Dr. none the less. To make matters worse here though, the clinic that this Dr. inhabits is combined with a Dentist's office! The Dentist has got to be my number one least favorite place (well, if we are talking about normal, everyday places that is because I'm sure there has got to be worse somewhere). My feeling is that you have to be some sort of sadist to be in the dental field! I was going to say minus the sexual aspect to the term sadist but who knows, maybe some of them do get a little thrill out of it. Regardless of the type of Dr. though, I'd rather be almost anywhere else! My apologies to anyone reading that may be in, or have loved ones in, the medical/dental fields at all.

Ok, enough of thatJ The purpose of me blogging today was because of my reading materials in the Dr.'s office. I check in and then settle down for the wait, because I'm on the Dr.'s time now rather than my own so I have all day, in their minds anyways. I figure I can catch up on some mindless reading because they usually have some of the latest celeb style magazines to read. Who would have guessed that my local eye Doc's office is more cultured than that??? Not one celeb gossip rag to read! I could read Sport's Illustrated but that is a last resort so I go through the others and found a magazine about architecture, a few nature related magazines, one that tells you a little about the city and what makes it so great, and one that tells you where you can find all the farmer's markets. None of which I can remember the names for since I had never heard of them before. I perused the local culture mags but they didn't hold my interest so I moved on to the nature one. I wish I could remember the name because it was quite interesting. I wasn't in the learning frame of mind but it sucked me in and that's the sign of good reading for meJ

I randomly opened up this nature magazine and found an interesting little article about the Bombardier Beetle. This crazy little bugger is known for its ability to, for lack of a better word at the moment, fart! That is what the article compared it to and it said that the smell would top that of a humans at any time.

Quite a while back I blogged about a skunk with similar qualities so I found it interesting that here is another species that I came across with this crazy ability. This beetle's however sounds a little more dangerous because it is a boiling liquid that it squirts out, which partially forms into a gas as it hits the air. When the little bug decides to shoot, it's not just once or twice… it shoots 70 times at a rapid pace and it can kill other insects, hurt smaller animals, and cause pain to larger. There are over 500 species of these beetles… how crazy is that?? All of that from a bug that looks so harmless.

Ok maybe it's my dilated eyes, the bright redness of the bug, the fact that I now know what it can do, or whatever but it's looking a little cantankerous after all! I don't know about you but red usually is one of those "warning" colors for me, it is used to signify stop and all. Mother Nature does have her waysJ

And now for a few words from the word nerd in me. I'm a little excited that I finally got to use the word cantankerous! I've been seeing it on the MySpace mood list forever and I'm always drawn to the word itself but the meaning behind it just never seemed to fit, until now.

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