Thursday, July 31, 2008

Down His Twisted Path

Like the Pied Piper he plays his tune
Luring her into his evil ways
The only light is the big full moon
And the alluring music he plays

The dark melodic sounds strum along
Continuing to pierce her good soul
It makes her feel like she may belong
So she climbs out of her little hole

She’s out in the world and feels its wrath
Wishing that she made better choices
She is further down his twisted path
And listens to all the wrong voices

Eventually the tunes will stop
And the dark fa├žade will be broken
At that time she will rise to the top
And he will be nothing but a token


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Me to You, PC

You and your world of possibility
taking up space everywhere in my home.
I come to you with no hostility,
you cause my imagination to roam.

You can teach me things or keep me in touch
but time does fly when we are having fun.
Sometimes I use you as a little crutch
but you help me when all is said and done.

Through your connections I can gain knowledge
of just about all I can imagine.
There are times though when you put me on edge
so I say goodbye when I determine.

You assist me with creativity
and provide me with outlets to share.
You allow me the anonymity
for those times when there are secrets to bear.

I spend hours surfing in your vast world
it allows me to feel open and free.
You help me get so many thoughts unfurled
I just love spending time with you PC.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ode to Mogli

Sweet little bundle of energy

Black and tan with legs that are spindly

You bounce around like a kangaroo

Add a few moves you could do kung fu

All worn out you curl into a ball

Little breaths causing a rise and fall

All of a sudden you jump and twitch

Something you're dreaming you just can't ditch

You then wake up for some fun and games

Ready to fight and you're taking names

We have some fun playing keep away

Once again worn out from all the play

So it is time for a snappy nap

Snuggled up like a ball in my lap

You're always so cute asleep or awake

It's hard to be mad at messes you make

From the tips of your pointed little ears

To the nubbed tail at the end of your rear

You are adorable and so free

My sweet little munchkin Mogli.


Pic taken by me, sweet little Mogli. It's not often I take a good pic but I liked this one a lot:-)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Decaying Challenges

Life presents daily challenges for all,
Some of them are big while others are small.

How you deal with them all is up to you,
Don't let them eat at you and make you blue.

Some challenges are good, some are quite bad
Rise to them all, don't let them make you sad.

You are only given what you can take
But when you hear that it just sounds so fake.

There may be overwhelming occasions
It may all end with a few abrasions.

You may be pushed to your limits and crack,
You are stronger than you think so fight back.

Approach them all in a positive way
And most of the bad times will just decay.
Another broken pic link so no pic til I can figure it out. It's a shame cause this one had a good pic to go with it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Soul Dancing

Peaceful lake of life

Harbor for the setting sun

Seems to call to me

Tranquil evening sky

Reflected on the water

Lingering whispers

Lovely orange sunset

Lures the inner soul to dance

Music in the air

Calm gentle breezes

Dreamy inviting waters

My soul rejoices


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wings of Change

Fluttering about

Spring butterflies are released

Nature's art canvas

Signifying change
Beautiful yet so fragile
Serene and gentle

Let your soul absorb
The grace and beauty of life
Nature's butterflies.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Docs & Beetles...

Today I paid a visit to one of my least favorite places in the world… the Dr.'s office. Now granted, it was only the eye Dr. but it's a Dr. none the less. To make matters worse here though, the clinic that this Dr. inhabits is combined with a Dentist's office! The Dentist has got to be my number one least favorite place (well, if we are talking about normal, everyday places that is because I'm sure there has got to be worse somewhere). My feeling is that you have to be some sort of sadist to be in the dental field! I was going to say minus the sexual aspect to the term sadist but who knows, maybe some of them do get a little thrill out of it. Regardless of the type of Dr. though, I'd rather be almost anywhere else! My apologies to anyone reading that may be in, or have loved ones in, the medical/dental fields at all.

Ok, enough of thatJ The purpose of me blogging today was because of my reading materials in the Dr.'s office. I check in and then settle down for the wait, because I'm on the Dr.'s time now rather than my own so I have all day, in their minds anyways. I figure I can catch up on some mindless reading because they usually have some of the latest celeb style magazines to read. Who would have guessed that my local eye Doc's office is more cultured than that??? Not one celeb gossip rag to read! I could read Sport's Illustrated but that is a last resort so I go through the others and found a magazine about architecture, a few nature related magazines, one that tells you a little about the city and what makes it so great, and one that tells you where you can find all the farmer's markets. None of which I can remember the names for since I had never heard of them before. I perused the local culture mags but they didn't hold my interest so I moved on to the nature one. I wish I could remember the name because it was quite interesting. I wasn't in the learning frame of mind but it sucked me in and that's the sign of good reading for meJ

I randomly opened up this nature magazine and found an interesting little article about the Bombardier Beetle. This crazy little bugger is known for its ability to, for lack of a better word at the moment, fart! That is what the article compared it to and it said that the smell would top that of a humans at any time.

Quite a while back I blogged about a skunk with similar qualities so I found it interesting that here is another species that I came across with this crazy ability. This beetle's however sounds a little more dangerous because it is a boiling liquid that it squirts out, which partially forms into a gas as it hits the air. When the little bug decides to shoot, it's not just once or twice… it shoots 70 times at a rapid pace and it can kill other insects, hurt smaller animals, and cause pain to larger. There are over 500 species of these beetles… how crazy is that?? All of that from a bug that looks so harmless.

Ok maybe it's my dilated eyes, the bright redness of the bug, the fact that I now know what it can do, or whatever but it's looking a little cantankerous after all! I don't know about you but red usually is one of those "warning" colors for me, it is used to signify stop and all. Mother Nature does have her waysJ

And now for a few words from the word nerd in me. I'm a little excited that I finally got to use the word cantankerous! I've been seeing it on the MySpace mood list forever and I'm always drawn to the word itself but the meaning behind it just never seemed to fit, until now.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ocean of Tears

Exiled in an ocean of loneliness

An ocean comprised of so many tears

Tears that have been shed by many sad souls

Souls that are weeping for the world today

One lost little angel in the center

An angel immersed in the world's sad state

A world that used to be so plush and green

Green that is being turned to brick and stone

Slowly the world is taking its revenge

Revenge and chaos in so many forms

Chaos consisting of scary weather

Weather like tornadoes and hurricanes

Some try to make the world a better place

A place that is healthy and green again

Healthy and free of pollution and trash

Pollution that will poison us also

The angel continues to sit and mourn

Mourn the slight fact that so few seem to care
Care that only the ocean will be left
That ocean of tears from very sad souls

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finding Utopia

Utopia is closer than you think

get creative and envision your scheme.

Just allow your mind to wander and dream,

it's meditation that may be your link.

In the past it was something I'd dismiss.

Now when time arises for a release

my mind conjures up some tropical bliss

and then I can enjoy a little peace.

My thoughts project and the visions seem real.

I may not be there but I can just see

the sun, ocean, sand and a nice palm tree.

All of the details just seem to congeal.

My Utopia is quite bona fide,

I keep it close to the front of my mind.

So when I feel stressed or caught in a bind

my bliss appears and I step right inside.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Try On These Shoes

My first love was poisoning my body
It shielded me from things that were naughty

Those that cared tried to intervene and help
But the pain would set in and I'd just yelp

I had to be in the right frame of mind
Before I could give in and be confined

There was always a small part of my soul
That wanted me to climb out of that hole

Then one day I finally found the strength
To fight this thing for the entire length

Many amends needed to be made
But I could no longer duck and evade

The poison is gone but always near by
When times are rough it's 12 steps I apply

I'm slowly getting my life back on track
I'm moving ahead and not looking back

I found a good job and I'm doing well
But there are constantly doubts to dispel

I will always have to fight to keep clean
And try to stick to a daily routine

But I will succeed and stay on the path
Because I'm done with my personal wrath

This is another pic link lost so no pic until I can find one to fit it again. Let your mind imagine:-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Seeing As Believing

Some people speak before they see

Others see before they speak

Which is the better of the two?

At times the world may seem silly

But other times may seem quite bleak

The decision is left up to you.

Remember what you say can hurt

So you should think before you talk,

If it's mean come up with something new.

What you see may make you want to blurt

But instead meditate and walk

Take some time to see another view.

It is said seeing is believing

Maybe it's the better way to go.

Sometimes people just don't have a clue.

Words before sight can be deceiving

So you should always see the show

Then the comments may be somewhat true.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Morning Tea

In the morning I finish my tea
And who is it staring back at me?
I feel like I can finally see
Like if it were my true destiny.

Was the tea a magical brew?
My eyes are open to something new
And I can see me through another view.
May it be of the rose persuasion hue?

I see a woman who is alone
But through the years she has really grown.
There are opportunities she has blown
And many, many skills she can hone.

There are small things that cause some regret
And there are things to never forget.
As she gets older there are things to fret
But she will not give into that quite yet.

She can be quite funny but also sad
At times she can also get very mad.
She tries very hard not to be so bad
She wishes that she still had her dad.

She approaches things with an open mind
And to everyone she tries to be kind.
She tries hard to leave the past behind
But there are times she'd like to rewind.

Negativity is something she fights
It's just not worth all of the sleepless nights.
She often deals with her family's plights
This can sometimes set her fears to new heights.

It seems like she lives in her own bubble
She likes to avoid chaos and trouble.
Sometimes she has to pick up the rubble
And in those times she's there on the double.

She's never been successful with the boys
Creativity is what she enjoys.
She finds pleasure in the old and new toys,
Especially those that make some noise.

So from this I come up with a decree
I need to allow myself to just be
Because all in all I like what I see
And all of it is what just makes me me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eye of the Storm

Here I sit on the edge of this cliff
Above me a storm begins to rage
The air around me begins to feel stiff
I feel like I'm on the storm's center stage

This cliff has room for only one
There isn't a way to get down
I would if I could, turn and run
But instead I may jump and drown

The eye of the storm has me in it's sight
I'm in the open and I can not hide
My best option is to try and fight
Allow my rage and the storm's to collide

I have to dig down deep into my soul
To gather all the pain and despair
Hitting the storm in it's eye is the goal
As it stares me down with it's vengeful glare

The storm is brewing up quite the turmoil
I consider again that I could jump
The electric air makes my blood boil
I decide to use the storm as my dump

I reach down inside to gather the pain
And I let it all out with a great roar
With all this it is the storm that is slain
And behind me the cliff shows me the door

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's A Hole In The Bucket

A blogger friend, Deanna Banana, put together a TAG & asked that people make a bucket list. You know, for that movie with Jack & Morgan (yeah, we're on a 1st name basis... jealous??? (tee hee hee). Well I figured that like my brain at times, my bucket would have a hole in it. I wasn't sure how long the list should be, since I have yet to see the flick, and I could come up with all sorts of silly things so there has to be that hole for things to slip in & out of. So here is some of what I came up with

1) Take a month long trip to Germany. It would help if I could finally get the language down so I'll tack that on here too. It's where I was born & where my mom is from so I need to make it back there now that I'm old enough to gain something from it!

2) Sky dive. It will be scary as hell but I gotta try it at least once. That & bungie jumping! I did the cliff jump into the ocean & that was pretty awesome.

3) To go on one of those mission trips where you are helping out people in another country with whatever it is that they need at the time. That would be so rewarding.

4) To go on an African safari! I want to see some scenery that is straight out of.... The Lion King! I figure if it's Disney there is less chance of getting attacked by any of the animals I may come across.

5) To figure out what the heck it is I want to do with my life!!! I can't really complain cause all in all I do well where I'm at. It's a great place to work, I like what I do, I'm good at it (not to toot my own horn or anything) but I just don't feel like it's what I'm meant to do & I can't figure out what it is that would make me feel complete…. To take a line from Jerry McGuire, tee hee hee.

6) To always be young at heart because toys are AWESOME! Kids on the other hand are a challenge that I don't want to be responsible for so I'd rather just be one.

7) To be alive when we actually start being able to visit other planets cause I'm so getting on the list to check them out when it happens! Maybe I'll find Marvin the Martian & the Great Kazoo!

gazoo.gif great kazoo image by stealyourboognish

This may also help achieve my future goal I made my senior year in highshool... "To find the world of everlasting weirdness & live there". I have yet to find it, other than in my own head.

8) To learn how to swim so that I could then learn how to scuba dive & check out the underwater world in person. Think it's like Finding Nemo... or even better, the Snorks!?!?!?!? Remember them

snorks.jpg snorks image by goodfriendkimmy

9) To have the means to travel whenever & where ever I'd like to. I'd like to visit everywhere at least once. Some places I'd like to get back to more often cause there is just so much to see. Some I'd like to get back to are Italy, Ireland, and New Orleans (and Germany of course!)

10) To see that my immediate family is safe and secure in life.

11) To experience some supernatural phenomenon, hopefully of the friendly persuasion rather than the spooky. I'm ok with a little spooky though;-) Maybe some of Casper & his Boo Brothers, a little friendly & some hijinx spookiness.

12) I think I'd like to make greeting cards. I have a rhyming fetish of sorts and come up with some crazy ideas sometimes. I sometimes make them for family & friends to curb the creativity appetite:-)

13) Throw caution to the wind & just live life like today was my last day. I really don't ever do that & I really, really should!

14) Take the time to actually seriously look into all the things that interest me rather than keep saying I'll check it out someday. The list gets longer & longer & someday seems further and further away while I just get older & older. It's a vicious cycle and it's getting squeaky so I gotta break out the oil sooner or later to take care of some of that noise.

15) Hmmm, trying to think if I'd want to meet anyone famous but I'm not sure that I would. It may just ruin my image of them. Maybe Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie cause I could join then in some 3rd world mission to take care of 3 on the list. Plus, I'm thinking if they are really what they seem like they'd be I could learn some pretty interesting & quite possibly some freaky things from them.

16) I draw & write a little here & there, dabble really, so I'd like to hone those skills more so I could have a creative outlet for the craziness that ensues inside this head of mine.

17) To be able to cook really well, Top Chef style. Ok, first to know what the heck half the stuff is that they are cooking!

18) To be able to open myself up to someone & feel like my problems matter rather than being the someone for everyone & always thinking my life is good & I shouldn't ever complain!

19) To finally get the science of managing money down. That & how to make it work for me investment style!! Another one of those things I keep meaning to check out.

20) To be some sort of neat freak so that I don't always have to feel like I'd be hiding out if someone were to knock on my door cause I fear letting them into my abyss of unorganization (nice way of saying dirty house).

21) TO LEARN HOW TO BE MY OWN HANDYMAN... well, I guess that would be handywoman. I'm pretty self-sufficient but when it comes to fixing things I'd just make it worse before it got better.

22) To actually read all the books that I own so that I can finally get rid of them, they take up too much space.

23) To figure out how the heck to get my laptop, my desktop, the Tivo, & whatever else, to talk to each other can't we all just be friends???

24) To be able to speak publicly. You know, speech like. I freeze up & stumble like an idiot while in my head I can have all these great things mapped out to say that just don't come out that way. This happens in casual conversation also, not sure why it's just always been an issue.

25) Get over the shy awkwardness that is me!! Not too much that I forget who I am cause it's part of what makes me who I am but enough that I'm not always uncomfortable or nervous.

There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza, there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza a hole.

26) I know that the Smurfs exist out there so someday I'm going to stumble across their villiage & meet them. Brainy and I are going to have a philisophical debate on why there are billions of males & only 2 females!
Smurfs_2.jpg Los Pitufos image by blinkyta
Well fix it dear Henry dear Henry dear Henry, well fix it dear Henry dear Henry fix it.

27) I so want a robot maid like the Jetsons. Don't you think we've advanced enough in our lifetime to have some Jetsons like capabilities???
jetsons.jpg Jetsons image by tracy1205
With what shall I fix it dear Liza dear Liza with what shall I fix it dear Liza with what?

28) I want to work at a movie theater so I can see my movies for free, woot woot!!
With an axe dear Henry dear Henry dear Henry with an axe dear Henry with an axe

29) Oooo, maybe work at Best Buy so I can get a discount on all my movies, music & electronic bundles of fun!!

30) To have one of those memories that can remember the words to music & movies after seeing or hearing it once... I'm so very jealous of that skill!

Ok, it's obviously late & I'm getting strange so I'm putting a plug into the holy bucket list now. I think I got off track of what the list is really meant to be so I'm stopping the insanity!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tranquility of Belief

In the serenity of the evening moonlight

Enjoying the rippling waves and cool night air

I look up and hope to see shooting stars take flight

Ready to unleash wishes with nothing to spare

I sit on the beach enjoying the midnight breeze

Wondering who's there to listen to my requests

The only noise coming from the rustling trees

And I begin to think that I'm already blessed

Up in the midnight sky are incandescent stars

Off in the distance there are mountains to behold

If I look really close I may even see Mars

The night is so perfect, as if it is controlled

My mind goes back to the abyss overhead

And my curiosity sets in anew

It is to some God that we are usually led

But what form that God takes just depends on your view

It would be too sad to think that no one hears

So I choose to believe in a higher power

Someone that knows about my hopes and my fears

Someone with whom I would never need cower

I enjoy the tranquility of believing

And hope that everyone finds a similar peace

It's with this belief that I end up achieving

And each day my belief continues to increase

What form this higher being takes I do not know

But I do believe they are full of love for all

Believing in them keeps you safe from what's below

And they are always there to catch you when you fall


Monday, July 7, 2008

Optimism Conquers

The mind begins to race,
your gut begins to ache,
you think the troubles ended
but you find out that's not the case.
Optimism is a gift
one you hope that you possess.
Some days are harder than others
it just depends on the rift.
You have to take each day in stride
and just hope that you succeed
but if you don't, never give up
you'll later be glad that you tried.
After time things do improve
and life will be okay again.
Your optimism conquered all
now enjoy the better groove.
I can not find the link to the picture that goes with this poem so it will have to do without until I can figure it out... BLAH!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

If The End Were Now

From way above I look down below
The world it seems to move so slow

When I was there it all went so fast

I now am left to think of the past

To think of all the things I missed

To think of those I never kissed

To think of those I never hugged

To think of heartstrings being tugged

To think of love I never felt

To think of things that made me melt

All of these things and so much more

Way up here while I drift and sore.

There are also great memories

Like all the travels overseas

Having great times with awesome friends

Hoping the laughs would never end

Jumped from cliff into the ocean

Couldn't swim though, what a notion

Floated with stingrays and got a kiss

Spent lots of time in tropical bliss

Bought my first house at twenty-one

Had some Labor Day camping fun

Movie nights after drinks and eats

Seeing shows from pretty good seats

Getting my piercings and tattoos

Good times on a Carribean cruise

Younger years are hard to recall

There was teasing when I was small

But the experience molded me

Into the person I was meant to be

There's still so much to live and learn

Much to enjoy at every turn

The life I had was awful short

Now I look for divine support

To agree that now is not the time

A little longer would be sublime


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trip of Whimsy


Drifting in a world of everlasting crazy

Drifting, drifting and being lazy
From way up here I'm enjoying the view
Way up here above the blue
The sun is warm the stars are bright
Warm but cool when I take flight
I visit the many interesting places
Interesting people with interesting faces
I learn of their culture and their beliefs
Learn of their differences, what makes then unique
People on this planet and maybe elsewhere
People on land or people in the air
I'll be returning often to the skies
Returning without compromise
Because in my own world of fantasy
World wide traveling will be free.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Letting Go

Stairway To Heaven

Years have passed and left me bewildered
by the decisions in the path you chose.
Things may have seemed bad
but in time they get better,
I guess your demons just overruled.
The choice you made leaves us to wonder
what it was that haunted you.
Was your life so bad?
Does regret linger?
I'm left with awful things to remember.

9 long years and almost 9 more,
but it sometimes seems like yesterday.
I still have questions
but they'll never be answered
so I make the choice to endure.
When I think back to that disturbing find
of your soulless body lying there,
I'm feeling angry and more so hurt
that you left everything the way you did.

If different choices were made by all
and if we listened to our hearts and minds,
you may not have taken the road you did.
I now know that I have to let go
of the perplexed feelings and hope your well.
This is my final farewell to you
I will forgive but will never forget
I have to move on, let my soul heal
My hope is that your soul will to.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chaos In Your Wake

Since the beginning times were tough

sticking to rules was kind of rough

No one seemed to get through to you

You always did what you wanted to

Those that love you really tried

but it only made you run and hide

Time flew by and you got older

but the embers continue to smolder

Now that you have your little spies

It becomes your time to realize.

All the choices that you make

Just leave chaos in your wake


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Is An Ocean

Life can be like an ocean.
From above all can be serene
and below there is a beauty
that is just waiting to be seen.

You can sail along it smoothly
or the waters can be rough
but you venture out daily
because you never get enough

Above the surface shines the sun
And below it is dark and cool
But at anytime the mood can change
And you may be in for a duel

You have creatures that are lurking
yet you continue on with your float.
The thing you should always keep in mind

is you're gonna need a bigger boat.
The picture used here is special cause it was taken by me while on vacation in Turkey, Sept 2004. Beautiful country!

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