Monday, June 9, 2008

Smoking, Fishing & Jamaica

For a few years there I was hitting the Jamaica scene at least once a year. These past 2 years there has been no trip cause funds have been allocated elsewhere. I hate how that happens, bills always sneaking up on a person!! I was thinking about it today though because of the fact of the day bringing back some memories. It said:

Smokers have 10 times more wrinkles than non-smokers, or they wrinkle 10 times faster (sorry, I passed it too quickly).

How does that remind one of Jamaica you may ask... or you may not but I'm gonna tell ya anyways cause it's not really what you think it may be:-)

I think of good times... sun, sand, beaches, drinks, music, friends, my Jamaican family, living the life, & let us not forget the beach crawlers. Beach crawlers, as the name may lead you to believe, aren't necessarily good times but it all depends on how far you can get with the joking before they actually have the nerve to be offended. They are those that are trying to hook in the sweet, innocent tourists that we are (or pretend to be) or they just want to sell you other things or services, of a non-sexual persuasion (you hope). Most of the time when the crawlers cast your way you can ignore them, accept what they are offering, or have a little fun:-) I prefer the fun bantering with them when you get the right one that will catch on & banter right along with you. Those are the keepers; you know the big, juicy ones that you can recast out to bring you in a good catch when you need it. Yeah, minds outta the gutters... I'm talking connections for good rates on the real clean, touristy things that one may be inclined to partake in! They get the gist cause the next time you see them the only selling they are doing is whatever you asked them about the last time you saw them. They are human though so of course they will try to offer other things here & there but they know how it works & that you are bantering pals only. Anyways, on more than one occasion they'd throw out the line about knowing that I'm not a smoker cause I don't have the "smokers" wrinkles. Of course I know that it's a fact that smokers age faster but at the time I just figure it's some line they use to hook you in. So, to make a short story long, as I so often do, that's how the fact reminded me of good old Jamaica. I wish I were there now. The hot weather is so much better with the sunny, sandy, ocean as your back drop, a little Reggae music, a nice fruity, slushy, alcohol concoction, and a few great friends that make you laugh... yeah, those are the things that great times are made of!

Drinks On The Beach

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