Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Coming Out

I'm not always seen or heard

so I just sit back and observe

It may seem dark & dreary

and it makes some people leery

But the things I see and learn

make me anxious to take my turn

I no longer want too sit & watch

I want to live but without a botch

It's time to come out from behind my fence

It's time to live in the present tense

Shed the past and embrace the now

say hi to the world and take my bow

Now it is time to be heard and seen

make those that were leery a little green

I no longer want to just peek & view

it is just time for something new.


2 Unleashed voices:

spiritedlmo said...

you have the perfect pictures for your poems. do the poems come first or do the pictures inspire the poems?

upinthecosmos said...

Sometimes it's the picture that inspires & other times I write the poem & spend hours looking for a pic to fit it. In this case the picture inspired the poem:-)

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