Saturday, November 29, 2008

Naked Snow Angels


Snowflakes swirling in the air
snow angels made without a care.
Doing it naked on a double dare
while people stop by to giggle and stare.

Eventually the body goes numb,
I begin to think this challenge was dumb
so now I wish that sun would just come
I'm dreaming of heat, gotta get me some.

I'm tossed a blanket, so fuzzy and warm.
Kindness from strangers, not always the norm.
I feel the heat inside begin to swarm
away goes the blanket as I resume to perform.

Special mention to those that provided the blanket of words ~~ Lady "Cheryl" Death, Mrs. K & Karen-Tales.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Life's Journey

Week 39 Topic: Can I Have a Do Over

bonus points
(hard, 2 points): quote a Comedian
(easy, 1 point): reference an 80s TV sitcom
Final day to post: Dec. 1st, midnight GMT.

The road to success is always under construction
so you can never give in to failure's seduction.
Can I have a do over may be your favorite question
but you learn from your past so use your discretion.

The facts of life are that it is what you make it
you can't hide in plain sight, you have to commit.
Live each day to its fullest cause time passes fast,
make it your mission to have low times surpassed.

Eyes should be wide open no more blind man's bluff
and be willing to change no matter how tough.
Don't hunt and peck for the keys to success
just experience life and try not to digress.

Remember the 80's saying "Where's the beef?", well if the writers at
were beef, they'd be Angus beef... they're that good
The first line, "The road to success is always under construction", is a quote from Lily Tomlin.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fairy Tale Dreams


Dreaming on the tips of a fairy tale star

wondering why you had to go so far.

You feel my tears drifting down from the sky

so you come for a visit, what a great guy.

Kissing each tear until they're all dry

moments like this are in such short supply.

On this hot and steamy moonlit night

everything just seems so right.

From mango passion to cherries delight

soaring on passion till we lose sight.

This fairy tale love springs to real life

suddenly we feel like husband and wife.

No more pain that cuts like a knife

no longer have feelings of anger and strife.

We blow out the last star and all goes dark

tomorrow it's a new life that we will embark.


My fellow fairy tale sprites ~~ LadySeda, Wizard of Awwwwws, Katie, Lady "Cheryl" Death, Expressions, Margie & Spirit Wild.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Masquerade

Week 38 Topic: Need not apply

bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include breaking a mirror
(easy, 1 point): mention an opera

Final day to post: Nov. 24th, midnight GMT.

Looking at the image staring back at me
behind this smile lies pain that others just can't see.
If eyes are truly the window to a person's soul
the eyelids are the blinds and hiding is their goal.

The mirror has its way of pointing out your flaws
using everything you hold inside against you just because.
If and when you realize it's not so cut and dry
you break the mirror's hold on you and kiss the view goodbye.

With the image shattered you go about your day
joining in life's masquerade watching people play.
The immortal hour creeps up on you faster than you know
and in these times, if you do sleep, those images just flow.

No shrink can really help you so they need not apply
your issues are your issues and that you can't deny.
A wash and rinse won't rid you of what dwells within
only you can cure what ails you once you're ready to begin.

Share your writing style (and maybe some hairstyles or coloring tips) at

The writing salon & spa of MySpace, where the writers are the word stylists and the readers get a birdseye view of what makes them each unique.

The Immortal Hour is the most famous opera by English composer Rutland Boughton. Boughton adapted his own libretto from the works of Fiona MacLeod, a pseudonym of writer William Sharp.

The Immortal Hour is a fairy tale or fairy opera, with a mood and theme similar to Dvořák's Rusalka and Mozart's The Magic Flute. Magic and nature spirits play important roles in the storyline. The Faery people are not mischievous, childlike sprites, but are proud and powerful: immortal demigods who are feared by mortals and who can (and do) interfere with the lives of men and women. The story of Eochaidh is typical of myths (like that of Icarus) where humans seek the divine and are destroyed by it. Alternatively, the progression of Etain into the mortal realm and her pursuit and redemption by Midir has similarities with the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember With A Smile

In Memory Of... Pictures, Images and Photos

Always kept emotions cloaked
expect for anger when provoked.

Silent, stoic, laid back and calm
yet haunted by the ghosts of Nam.

Wiser than all of us kids knew,
we learned a lot about life from you.

We joked that you had the gift of sight,
we couldn't hide anything try as we might.

Sarcastic humor is what you did best
we got that from you and for that we are blessed.

There were good times and there were bad
but we always remember you with a smile dad.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Galactic Fantasy

Week 37 Topic: There is a Faster Way
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate a poem you wrote
(easy, 1 point): mention an embarrassing habit you personally have

Final day to post: Nov. 17th, midnight GMT.

Starlight, star bright

catch a falling star in flight.

While I gaze into the night,

the shinning stars seem to ignite.

I was star struck by a rock star

from a galaxy afar.

He flashed a smile and gave me a wink

I have to admit, I was blushing pink.

Moon Zappa is my rocker's name

but he's not the one of the earthly fame.

No relation to Dweezil or Soleil Moon Frye.

He's a Milky Way Zappa, the pride of the sky.

I could wait to watch him play

but there is a faster way

to see him rock that bass guitar

before he becomes a fading star.

It's on a shooting star I'll travel

with no worries about any space gravel.

I'll shoot right past the big moon rock

and to the galaxy of stars I'll flock.

While others wish upon a star

I'll be moshing with them, how bizarre.
Our love will come on like a cyclone

and he'll propose with a rare moonstone.

I'll be so nervous that I'll just laugh,

it's an embarrassing habit on my behalf,

but he'll see past it and we'll be engaged

preparing a wedding that won't be upstaged.

Hopefully my star filled poem counts as the "encorporated poem"
Visit for other star filled guesses & poetry reads!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recasting My Heart


Mourn a love once lost
but never close yourself down.
Cast your heart out
don't worry it won't drown.

The heart is repairable
when you allow it to mend.
If you put yourself out there
you may just find a new friend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inner Crazy

Crazy2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Things go in and spin around
sometimes making my head pound.
Necessary info can't be found
because it ends up in a big mound.

The inner files are a big mess.
I hate to file I must confess.
When info is needed I just guess
and jump in the piles like leaves at recess.

I figured my inner voice could assist
so I quickly thought up a task list
but the inner voice just booed and hissed
and when I threatened showed me its fist.

Nowhere fast, that's where I got,
left in this discombobulated spot.
My inner voice didn't give a squat,
so it devised its own devious plot.

Now a days my memory is hazy
my inner voice has just driven me crazy.
It's either that or I'm just plain lazy.
Damn inner voice, should be writing for Scorsese!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open to Love


What's locked up

in that head of yours?

Let me through

to your secret doors.

I'll walk through

and I won't look back.

Let me know

when so I can pack.

Does it lead

to your heart and soul?

Finding love

is the long term goal.

Can you share

your hopes and your dreams?

Do you hear

how my heart just screams?

My love grows

stronger everyday.

If you leave

I'll still find my way.

Choice is yours,

it's left up to you.

Keep in mind

That my love is true.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


files Pictures, Images and Photos

My screams must be silent,
cuz no one seems to hear them.

Yet my throat is raw and my voice
is hoarse so it's not for lack of trying.

My tears must be clear,
cuz no one seems to see them.

But my eyes are red and my cheeks sting
from the salty trails they leave behind.

My pain must be hidden,
cuz no one seems to feel it.

They stare right through me as they walk by,
like I don't exist among the living.

My soul is reaching out for help
and no one is answering the call.

The pain just continues to fester
but I won't let it take away hope.

One day my path will cross
with the one person who will see me.

They will hear the screams, see the tears
and not only feel my pain but help me through it.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Dr. Mel

Week 36 Topic: Tell Me Your Story
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): use the word precocious
(easy, 1 point): mention a roller coaster
Final day to post: Nov. 10th, midnight GMT.

I'm not exactly sure what it is but there is something about me that says "Tell me your story" to those that I know and even to those that I don't know sometimes. I am the shy and quiet type so maybe it's the fact that I don't talk much that makes people think I'd be a good listener. I often joke that I'm in the wrong line of business.

I'm not sure how those in the field deal with it all cause it can be quite the emotional roller coaster. I am all for being a people observer but I tend to avoid chaos and drama whenever possible, unless it is of the television show variety that is. Lord knows I got enough of that in my family while growing up but I guess it allowed for me to be sort of a precocious child. As an adult I'm laid back, open minded, I try very hard not to be judge mental and I'm usually trying to be the peace keeper in a group. I much rather everyone gets along, life is just too short for people to fight and argue and it just makes me uncomfortable. It's also a waste for people to judge others for the choices they make in life because who ever really knows that they wouldn't make the same, if not worse, decisions when put in the same positions. Yeah, maybe it's because I keep all that in mind on a daily basis that I seem to have a year round pass to the emotional roller coaster of life.

roller coaster Pictures, Images and Photos

The problem sometimes becomes that I go from being a listener to trying to be a problem solver for those that are really close to me. For the most part I try not to do that because I figure most people really just want someone to listen. Regardless it becomes a little stressful and then I just want to hop off the ride and hide out for a while. It would be great if I could just get my wanna be hypnotist on and say "Look into my eyes" and that would be that, problem solved... but I don't really want to be a hypnotist LOL!

The weird thing is that I don't really talk to anyone about my own issues. It's like I'm experiencing technical difficulties when it comes to sharing. Sometimes I just feel like my issues kind of petty compared to other people's problems. Instead I use other venues to get through it; like writing, watching Tv, listening to music, going to movies or being entranced by the internet (to which I sometimes need to say "step away from the computer!"). I can get a little stir crazy at times but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger… or strangerJ

I have to admit that it has provided me with insight in life. I've come to realize that life and poeple are not black and white, there are all sorts of shades of grey and the shade just depends on the person. No one view is the only view, you can learn a little something from all views whether you yourself agree with it or not. I could go on and on with lessons learned but I'll just say that it all makes me appreciate life for what it is and helps me focus on the positive rather than the negative. It makes a big difference in your emotional state let me tell ya... that and laughter, you can never have too much laughter in life!

Technicolor Dreams


The day's events fresh in my mind

while I sleep, to my dreams I am blind.

Blind in memory but not in sight

for when my eyes open, things are bright.

I must not have nightmares in my sleep

since dark images are not what I keep.

It could be in Technicolor that I dream

because swirls of color are what I gleam.

Pink and yellow, orange and green

twirling and forming shapes never seen.

Just quick flashes appear in my view

during those moments things seem askew.

In those moments its happiness I feel,

sleeping takes on a whole new appeal.

I think of my happy childhood days,

running in the sun, soaking in the rays.

Always with huge swirly suckers in hand,

thinking they were my key to Neverland.

The time goes fast and the colors fade,

real life quickly begins to invade.

This I accept so I can move on

living my day before it is gone.

The path to dreamland is always inviting

as long as the Sandman keeps up the lighting.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zombie Love

Dean zombie Pictures, Images and Photos

Fire crackling nice and warm
as kindling ashes begin to swarm.
Wearing nothing but a lacy thong
I dance around to Bang the Gong.

The time is now; I can feel it in the air,
to make you mine with a strand of your hair.
I've loved a zombie for far too long
this human making potion can't go wrong.

Captured by a spell that you wove so well
I was in your grasp and traveled straight to hell.
Your desire to stay was much too strong
but I just knew that I didn't belong.

The demons of hell were after my soul
and I wasn't ready to give up control.
Singing "wippy kai ehhh" and ringing a bell
I was ejected from the depths of hell.

With fairy dust and the feather of a quail
my potion will be ready and it can not fail.
On your next visit you'll sit in this chair
you'll drink the potion and your love you'll declare.

After you drink you'll think I'm really cute
I'll pretend not to care as you're in pursuit.
In a blink of an eye you'll begin to transform
then here with me you'll stay as you reform.

Special thanks to my fellow potion makers; Lady "Cheryl" Death, Lady Oregon, Insatiable Jewel, maryclara, max, the falcon, Colleen, LadySeda & sheila A.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking Free+

Waking up to another day
alive but barely living.

An invitation to the soiree
of life,
but when extended misgiving.

Feeling stuck inside this shell
wanting badly to rebel
letting out my final yell
of an overdue farewell.

Breaking out of a self made prison
new life choices lie ahead.

The inner self now has risen
seeking a fulfilling life instead.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Passion & Pleasure

Week 35 Topic: A Passion Too Great to Control
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): mention a guilty pleasure
(easy, 1 point): include dust mites

Final day to post: Nov. 3rd, midnight GMT.

A passion too great to control
is present inside my soul.
What it is exactly I do not know
but deep inside it continues to grow.

In the future it will come out,
in that I really have no doubt.
Until then there are moments I treasure
while immersing in a guilty pleasure.

Someday passion and pleasure will co-exist
because any passion can not be dismissed.
Enjoyment of life will be brought to new heights.
Nothing will be left behind for the dust mites.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween


is fast approaching.
Ghouls and ghosts
will be encroaching.

Little kids
dressed up in costumes,
while zombies
are escaping tombs.

Beware of
the trick or treaters.
The vampires
like blood in liters.

Some werewolves
will take warm raw meat
as the kids
sing of smelly feet.

to tell them apart,
it's too late
if they steal your heart.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Bee Symphony

bumble bee Pictures, Images and Photos

Serenaded by a chorus of bumblebees
while whispering winds echo through the trees.
I begin to join in on the symphony
which makes them angry cause I'm slightly off key.

They spell out STOP in a bumblebee marquee
as they continue to harmonize their buzzing plea.

Does everyone hear it or is it just meant for me?
To end my confusion they make a decree
and aim their stingers at the perfect degree
while one after another stings me in my knee.

Feeling a little embarrassed I flee,
running from the bumblebees' stinging spree.

In the future, to keep peace and harmony,
there will be no more singing I guarantee.
I'll be a silent observer of the jubilee
camouflaged as one of them for my own safety.

Special thanks to my buzzy helpers, Insatiable Jewel, Colleen,Lady "Cheryl" Death & the falcon

Haiku Fun


Sitting here at work
Thinking about happy hour
Thank God it's Friday!


Let the anger out
Don't keep it locked up inside

It will take over


Good morning alarm clock Pictures, Images and Photos

You look innocent

But in the morning you scream

Sorry, I got scared


Shining down on you
While you chirp your happy tune
Music in the night

Kiss Frog Pictures, Images and Photos

Fabulous green frogs
Croaking on their lily pads
One could be your prince


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haunting Dance


It's a night of haunting fun
be sure that you're prepared to run.
It's fun for all the ghouls and ghosts
cause haunting is what they love most.

They'll screech and scream,
they'll hoot and holler,
they'll plot and scheme,
as they rise from their squalor.

They are out for revenge and scares
so be aware and say your prayers.
Don't let them catch you all alone
that's just something I would not condone.

They like to sneak
before they attack.
Around corners they peak
so just watch your back.

If you must be out then just be aware
directly into their eyes do not stare
for once they have you in their trance
you'll be stuck in their haunting dance.

Burn After Reading

Week 34 Topic: Selfish indulgence...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Use the stage of a theater, one way or another.
(easy, 1 point): Use two metaphors.

Final day to post: Oct. 27th, midnight GMT.

I was going through my old hotmail account to clean it out. I figured that I no longer use it so I should go through to see if there was anything I wanted to keep so I could get it transferred and then delete the rest. Well, I came across a few emails that I thought may be a little interesting to blog about, or to go off on a tangent about, however you want to look at it.

The first one posed the question "Do you ever think it would be cool to have some sort of magical or super power?" I think just about everyone has been asked that but I just can't ever think what I'd want mine to be. Deep down inside though I think I harbor a teeny, tiny pyromaniac so maybe I'd enjoy having the gift of fire. I wouldn't become the Firestarter or anything; I just like to watch the flames in a nice controlled environment. A flaming fireplace or campfire is perfect combustion chamber but I do like to burn the occasional straw to watch it melt also, it's just a teeny tiny pyro I tell ya. It would be sort of cool though to be able to toss out fireballs from my hands like they were flamethrowers or something. They'd have to be special fireballs that wouldn't really burn much though cause I'd feel bad for starting any major fires. Maybe the art of spontaneous combustion would be better, that's nice and contained right??

The next email that caught my attention was regarding a stage production of The Moonshine Hotbox, at the Orpheum Theater. My main indulgence in life is movies and music! I could be dirt poor and still find some way to squeeze out enough money to catch a flick or buy a new DVD or CD… or download new tunes off iTunes. I could open my own video store but I don't really want to share them cause they may get all scratched up or never be returned and I just don't want to risk that so I keep them to myself. You can call me selfish but unless I know you very well, chances are you will not get to borrow them…. you can pay me a visit and watch them with me though. Oh, that reminds me, I love TV also and will spend every waking hour watching it if I can but I still can't catch everything and there is a show called Burn Notice that is on the list of what I missed so I'll need to add that to my Netflix list so I can catch it when it hits DVD. Ok, sorry about that… back to the on topic rant. Yeah, love me some movies and music but I do enjoy the occasional live production also so I used to get all the notices of the upcoming shows. I didn't go see this one but it took place in the 20s or 30s and was about a sting that was taking place to bring down some people making moonshine during the alcohol prohibition days. The hotbox, which is a slang term for an informant, was a scorned member of the biggest family of moonshine makers. His family invented the firebox, which is a construction used to conceal flames while the moonshine is being made. It became very popular and widely used among the trade so they were pretty wealthy from that… not to mention they had the best moonshine in them thar parts.

The last one that was worthy of mention started with "Are you drowing in money?" Wouldn't it be pretty awesome if I were?? I can just see it now... (dream sequence).

Big pool filled with money,
me a swimmer with no swimming skills
and no life jacket
but more than happy to jump right in
and drown in the piles of dirty, paper, bliss.
Sounds so tempting when put that way right???
NOT! **pinch** Ouch! Sorry, back to the blogging!!

Sadly the answer to the question is a big whopping no! When it comes time to pay bills I feel like I'm under fire, the bills are the bullets and the enemy (the collectors for those bills) has precision aim. They just keep using my checking account for target practice, taking it out chunks at a time until there is barely anything left. Just like the paper targets used at shooting ranges! It's more like I'm drowing in debt sometimes (no need for a random dream sequence for this one)! By the time I'm done writing checks or paying things on line, my poor wrist could use a nice hot pack for the ache.

I finally made it through all the emails and got rid of all of them, nothing worth keeping in there at all. It's all junk… spam mail is what it's called right? Why is it called that? Cause it's the left over mail that no one really likes to read, much like SPAM canned meat is made up of the leftover parts of a pig that most people wouldn't really eat? Just joshing, it's made from the shoulder of pork and ham (hence the name SPAM) and some crazy places eat it like it was filet mignon…like Hawaii, crazy I tell ya. So I'm back to why is it called spam mail? Someday I'll be curious enough to try to find out the answer but for now I like the relation to SPAM as my answer so I'm sticking to it! This weeks bonus word picture however has stumped me and it took me a long time to come up with some guesses for it but I thought that I needed to mention that there is actually a courier company called Blazeflash. Not that it's the word persay but it so goes with the picture… in my mind anyways. The dude in the picture is holding a package which could have been delivered by courier and it's got a blaze of fire that just may have been caused by flash of something. Ok, I'm grabbing at straws with that one (ooooo, and starting them on fire.) Anyways, Blazeflash isn't just another courier company according to their site so if you should ever need a courier you can check them out at I wonder if they'd send a little love my way, money style, for pimping their site???

Ok, before I go I have to indulge the movie lover in me and share the below trailer for Burn After Reading. Not only does it sort of fit the bonus word picture but it's also what you should do to this blog if it were on paper cause:

a) Watching paper burn is a little fun too.
b) It's sort of a burn worthy blog if I do say so myself
c) When done right, it's another safe way to allow the teeny, tiny pyro out to play


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Leaves are turning colors
Gently falling to the ground
Soon there will be enough
To pile up in a mound

Once your pile is ready
Then you jump right in
So have your rake handy
And let the fun begin!



Discover My Heart

Beneath this exterior
A heart exists
Don't think me inferior
You would be remiss

Thick walls protect me
From all that is evil
Like verbal debris
That bores like a weevil

Inside is tender
Caring and pure
A thing of splendor
It's just obscure

When one takes the time
To break through the restraints
The reward is sublime
There would be no complaints

The truest of friends
Or lovers we'd be
Possibility transcends
Once it is set free


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